How to Wean the Baby

How to Wean the Baby

When should wean the baby?

The time for weaning depends on the mother’s decision to bring out the best for both. You will have some good reasons such as wanting to return to work or get pregnant again to be able to wean your baby. 

Or moms who are having problems with breastfeeding, such as a sore nipple or thrush, make the mother feel sore.

If the mother feels pain while breastfeeding, but she wants to continue or if she feels that she is not motivated enough to continue breastfeeding, talk to the doctor or breastfeeding expert first.

The doctor will give you practical advice for overcoming difficulties and information at the same place where you can meet other nursing mothers.

When is the best time for weaning?

There is no right and wrong way to indicate when to wean a baby as long as both mother and baby are happy.

But before making a decision, learn about the time that breast milk is still beneficial for babies and young children.

Nothing is better than breast milk for babies in the first six months of life. After that, the mother can start to feed her baby with regular breastfeeding. Breast milk is still the main source of nutrition and calories for babies in the first year of life.

As long as the mother breastfeeds, the baby will continue to enjoy the health benefits that breast milk provides, including protection from infection and disease. There is ample evidence that breastfeeding helps babies digest solid foods for the first time.

When deciding to breastfeed your baby, gradually change your daily habits. This gives the mother’s body time to adjust, makes less milk, and helps her get used to formula milk from a bottle or a cup.

The period of weaning can be a bittersweet experience for mothers. Mom may feel sad when everything is over, but also happy when she regains her original physique.

The good news is that stopping breastfeeding does not mean the end of the bond you and your mother have built. Breastfeeding is just the beginning of a special relationship between mother and child.

How to wean children effectively?

It is best to gradually reduce the number of times a day the mother breastfeeds instead of stopping suddenly. Stopping suddenly can be uncomfortable for the baby and make the mother feel uncomfortable. These can be tight and heavy breasts (engorgement) and sometimes breast swelling ( mastitis ).

Weaning at one time is easier for both mother and baby. If your baby is younger than one year old, you will need to replace breastfeeding with a formula bottle.

If your baby is more than six months old, use a cup or a cup instead. Combining formula with breast milk can be a good way to help your baby get through this stage easily.

If your baby is older than one year old and can eat a variety of foods and drinks, he or she will not need alternative meals. I don’t need to worry about skipping meals which are best for you, as long as you and I are comfortable.

When your baby gets used to not being fed by her mother (after a week or so), she can skip that meal and continue to skip other meals, etc.

Changing your mother’s daily routines and distracting her with some game or activity will help support her weaning. Some mothers do not want to breastfeed but cannot refuse when they ask for breast milk.

How long will it take mom to wean the baby?

Everyone has a different weaning process. Much depends on the extent of the baby’s adjustment. Mom, don’t be too hasty! Be flexible during weaning. That way she can slow things down if needed, such as if she or the baby is ill.

Completely stopping breastfeeding is a process and it takes weeks to months for mothers.

How to wean when children do not want?

If your baby shows no signs of wanting to stop breastfeeding, try to be patient. Babies love to be located under their mother’s breasts to enjoy the feeling of caressing and patting. So moms can help your baby adjust by trying the following:

Comfort your baby in different ways

Gradually replace breastfeeding with other ways to fondle and comfort your baby. Show affection, or let your dad join in to spend some special time with your child.

You can also try reading a book with your child, singing to a baby, or playing a game. At night, try stroking or gently patting your baby’s back, or rocking your baby while mom sings.

Delay meals

If your baby is a little older, she can tell her to wait. When your baby wants to breastfeed, tell him that he will feed him later and distract him by doing something else. Instead of breastfeeding early in the evening, you can let your baby wait until it’s time for bed.

Choose a time 

Weaning can be interrupted if your baby has some major problems. Has your baby ever been sick? Babies who are not feeling well will want to breastfeed more often and prefer breast milk to other foods or drinks. Breast milk may be the only thing a sick baby wants.

If the weaning is not going well, she can rest and try again in a few weeks. Sooner or later, Mom can do it.

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