How to Use Baby Carrier

How to Use Baby Carrier

Should infant carriers be used in the summer? How to carry an infant properly? What kind of carrier is good for babies in the summer? Please follow the article below to choose the best baby carrier for summer.

Should infant carriers be used in the summer?

A carrier is a cloth object with a strap, to help adults can carry children with them at the same time, but they can freely move and do other tasks.

They have been around for a long time and are still popular today. In addition to being convenient for adults, they also have the following benefits:

  • Support for breastfeeding babies: when the mother is always near her baby, she can recognize the signs of hunger sooner before the baby cries, so that she can breastfeed her baby earlier.
  • Strengthen the relationship between parents and children, due to more skin-to-skin contact.
  • Babies cry less.
  • Always manage and monitor your child’s activities.
  • Parents have more time for other activities.

Although there are countless gadgets, there are also risks when using a newborn carrier, for example:

  • Distortion of the spine, pelvis.
  • Increased risk of suffocation due to being held tightly.
  • Anal lesions.
  • Decreased exercise in infants.

So should the baby carrier be used?

The answer depends on the needs of each family. It is a parent supporting child care; it is not required.

Everything has its two sides if you know how to use a carrier it can reduce risks and increase benefits

There are many types of carriers with different designs and sizes. Currently, there are 3 main types of carriers, which are:

Fabric bag

The fabric bag is simply a piece of cloth, the scarf is sewn like a bag, has 2 straps on both sides of the shoulder and the baby sits inside. This type can be made at home and suitable for new babies, toddlers.

Round form

The round form is also the fabric but it is wrapped around the baby and adults together about 2 rounds, one corner of the fabric squeezed to one shoulder.

Backpack type

Backpack type: this type is made from soft cushioning materials, sewn on like a backpack on one side, has 2 sturdy and lockable straps. This type is the most expensive but also the most convenient. Suitable for toddlers.

5 things to keep in mind when choosing a good carrier for your baby:


The best way to check if your baby and you are comfortable using the carrier is to test each type differently. If the child is not crying and you are fine, you can choose that one.


You need to choose the type that suits the baby’s weight and of some accompanying utensils. A firm, secure carrier is a top priority when choosing a baby carrier.

Easy to use.

The baby carrier needs to be designed so that parents can use easily, adjust the changes as desired.

Easy to clean.

Babies can throw or clean their carriers, so they must be designed to be easily cleaned, either manually or using a washing machine.

Many details attached.

If the baby is only used indoors when the carrier can be a simple one with the function of carrying/carrying a baby. But if you want to let your baby go outside for a walk, choose a type with some small bags and hats that cover your head.

Instructions on how to carry a newborn baby

The principle of proper infant carrier:

  • The baby should be placed in front of the chest, face facing into the adult’s chest.
  • Always make sure your baby is breathing while feeding.
  • The baby should be in an upright position.
  • Check for certainty, any signs of wear or damage of the carrier.
  • Your baby should be placed in the correct position: knees should be placed high, avoiding the legs to straighten as if dangling.
  • Do not hold position, constant position posture but should occasionally switch.

A few other notes:

  • You should not carry your baby all day, which will lead to soreness for both you and the baby. When you first start using a carrier, use it for 10 minutes and then gradually increase the time.
  • Babies often chew on straps/straps, so parents should always pay attention to clean the straps or let them play with something while sitting in a carrier.
  • Note the temperature and humidity, the baby is sitting in the carrier. If your baby is hot and sweating, temporarily stop him/her from sitting in a carrier for a while.

What are the consequences of using a baby carrier incorrectly?

Babies still don’t know how to speak, so sometimes parents use their carrier in the wrong way, making them uncomfortable without even knowing it. So when does a newborn baby carrier make a baby uncomfortable? That is when the mother used the wrong carrier and the wrong use will have a significant impact on the health and development of the child.

Incorrectlycarrier a newborn can cause the baby to bend, scoliosis

Causing a child to suffer a neck injury

A carrier that cannot support the neck is very vulnerable to a neck injury. Therefore, I need to be careful when buying a baby carrier so that my neck area is supported but still most comfortable.

Affect the development of the hip bone because the child has to form too much leg or sit too long.

Children can suffocate

The reason that children are likely to suffocate is when the mother carelessly let her face bend over her chest or back. My neck is still weak so I can’t lift my face, which will cause me to block the airway leading to asphyxiation and death.

Cause a feeling of fear when the baby is the carrier

If the infant carrier is wrongly made to upset the baby, the next time parents use the child will be scared and dodged.

Children are hot, uncomfortable

This is the harm of many cheap ham moms, so buy poor quality carriers. The child’s body temperature is inherently higher than that of an adult, if in the summer the carrier can make children uncomfortable hot or when the carrier is too tight, it can make it difficult for the baby to breathe.

Children can even fall and fall out of their carriers

Many parents who carry their babies but are engrossed in housework forget that their baby is on the carrier. Many times, the baby squirms a lot if it is not sure that the ties will slip off and endanger the child.


Hopefully, this article provides all the information you need, helps you better understand the benefits and dangers of using a carrier; types of carrier, and how to carry a newborn baby. Wishing you and your baby are always healthy!

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