How to Choose Baby Water Bottle

How to Choose Baby Water Bottle

Raising children is not a simple process. The mother had to be careful every bit since I was in the womb. By the day the baby was born, the mother had to worry about each sleep, suck the baby’s milk. Baby a little older, the mother must worry about not knowing how to take the initiative to drink water.

Understanding that, We would like to share her experience in choosing a bottle to drink for her so that her mother can take care of her better.

When to use

Entering the weaning age (from 6 months), mothers can give your baby more water daily. This is also the time you need to prepare your baby for a suitable drinking bottle.

The shape of drinking bottles

The current market is often divided into 3 types of drinking water bottles for children. Each type will have its characteristics, the mother can consider choosing the appropriate type for her beloved home.

Practice drinking water for children with straws

According to a survey of large bottle-selling companies, a small number of children aged 5-6 months have a preference for using a bottle-drinking set, and especially when entering the period from months 7 – 9 months, most babies will like to use a bottle to drink water with straws. With beautiful design, funny shapes, moderate size plus the straw is made of soft material, can rotate slightly by 360 degrees so the children would love. Besides, the price of this bottle is not too high, so the mother will be affordable, the use is safe and quite suitable for children.

Children practice drinking water with a handle

At present, many mothers choose to buy a bottle to drink water with a handle for their children, because of that, they have formed a habit of holding bottles to drink independently as adults. The handle is beautifully designed, fits young, and especially feels solid, so the children love it. If you choose to buy a baby bottle with a funny handle, your baby will surely enjoy it when drinking water as well as create a better reflex for your child when holding things in their hands.

Practice drinking water for children without handles

When designed without a handle, the baby’s drinking water bottle has a concave body, so it is also quite convenient to hold it in. With many types of drinking water bottles for children without handle as today, designed spill valve to ensure whether your baby tilted the bottle or accidentally dropped it will not spill out, very convenient.

Material to practice drinking water

At present, the type of practice drinking water is mainly made up of two main materials are glass and plastic. However, glass bottles are heavy and fragile, making them unsuitable for children. Choose a bottle of water made from safe plastic material, high antibacterial, hygienic lids, convenient to use.

Some notes for baby when using a bottle to drink water

When choosing to buy a bottle to drink water really like the baby then, the mother should also note to avoid some of the following to make sure your baby uses a practice bottle to drink real Safe and effective offline:

Teach your child how to drink

For children under 1 year of age, drinking water still needs the help of adults. But over 1 year old, can teach your baby how to drink the most appropriate water. First of all, you need to put the bottle in convenient, clean locations, so that your baby can easily reach and drink water at playtime. Initially, you need to model for your baby once and encourage children to pick up drinking water like adults. Instructions 2-3 times, the baby will know-how and then can hold the cup to get drinking water.

Clean the bottle before use

Before your baby uses a bottle to drink water, need to clean very thoroughly, rinse with boiling water all the intestines, grasp, straws to ensure absolute cleanliness. It is also advisable to regularly check the valve, whether the mold is moldy or broken to promptly replace it.

Choose the right time

Do not force your child to drink or practice drinking water if he does not like it or is full. If children start to drink at a time when they do not feel thirsty, no matter how pressed, they will not accept it. Pay attention to when your baby is thirsty to give him a drink. At that time, your baby will feel delicious and more excited by drinking water from a cup. Besides, do not let your baby practice drinking bottles when going to bed, because if creating a habit that is often not good for children, they should only be consumed in a given time.

Don’t worry mom. Choosing a baby to practice drinking is not too difficult. However, on the market today there are too many types of drinking water bottles with many different models. So, to choose a safe drinking bottle, I need to pay attention to the brand, the material, and the design, and also need to pay a little attention to the colors too, Mom! We wish you and your baby always happy.

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